We believe that good education and mentorship are the keys to a long and productive career in the mountains. Mountains are dangerous and unforgiving. You owe it to yourself and those close to you to be as well prepared as is possible before venturing into them. Regardless of where you are in your development as a climber or skier, Alpine Logic’s goal is to develop a custom progression that is right for you and will get you the results you want. Drawing on decades of high-level instruction to recreationalists and guides alike, you are sure to see the results you want in as little time as is possible. While there are no shortcuts to proficiency, we are confident that our broad perspective, cutting edge techniques, and world-class education will make the most of your time, energy, and money. Whether your next step is learning to lead climb, taking your climbing game into the alpine, or developing proficient guiding skills, Alpine Logic offers the absolute best instruction in the industry. 

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MasterClass Recreational Training Courses

Climbing is supposed to be fun! And there’s no doubt you’ll have more fun and be more productive when you are confident in your abilities. One of the first things to understand as a climber is that YOU are most important part of your risk management equation. While objective hazards (rock fall, lightning, etc) are serious considerations, making a mistake is the most likely way that you or a partner could be injured or worse. Because of this, learning simple and universally applicable technical systems is the foundation of mitigating risk in the mountains and, ultimately, having more fun.


Guide Training Courses

(AMGA prep, Beyond AMGA Certification)

Climbing guides and instructors don’t often have the benefit of an equally competent partner double checking things and taking partial responsibility for the Team. The entire risk management equation for the rope team becomes the guide’s responsibility. This shift in team responsibility necessitates a different approach to Team productivity and safety then what recreational climbers are accustomed to. This concept echoes through every part of the climbing day, from the big picture of where and when to go that day, to the smallest nuances of stance management and communication. Taking this theory from a conceptual level to real-world application can be challenging and dangerous. And progressing from the basic application of these skills to true expertise is yet another huge step. Regardless of your experience as a climbing instructor or guide, this career requires that one approach it with the mentality of a true professional. You and your clients alike will benefit from the investments you make in yourself. As an AMGA Instructor Team member for the last 8 years, Silas offers instruction for those preparing for AMGA programs, those re-examining component skills, as well as those looking to take there game beyond the AMGA certification standard.


Mountain Rescue Training Courses

This is exciting time for the world of mountain rescue. With more global sharing of information, data, and techniques then there ever before and so many fancy tools available on the market mountain rescue teams are in position for a substantial jump in overall competency and proficiency. Moving forward, the best and most cutting edge rescue teams will utilize a combination of techniques and tools from a variety of industry. Specifically, industrial rescue, rope access, and mountain climbing and guiding. Blending the best of all these industries will provide Teams better access to the most appropriate and simple solution to problems as they present themselves. In the end, this not only gets our patients to definitive care sooner but also allows a rescuers to work in a safer work environment. Proficiency comes with time and experience, which can be expedited with high-quality instruction. 


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